Peter H. Joostema, FEC, P.Eng., CESA

President and Principal
Environmental Engineering/Hydrogeology

Mr. Joostema has been involved in the following Environmental Engineering/Hydrogeology projects on PEI and has accumulated a variety of experience in each discipline:

Tasks undertaken for a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment include:

  • project management and senior review;
  • preliminary site survey, including a review of all available data, mapping and site history;
  • interviews with persons associated with the subject sites;
  • site visit to review operations at the subject and surrounding properties to identify potential environmental liabilities; and
  • evaluation of information and preparation of the Phase I ESA report.

Tasks undertaken for a Phase II – IV Environmental Site Assessment include:

  • project management and senior review;
  • supervision of test pit or drilling programs to investigate possible environmental impacts on both surface and subsurface strata/water;
  • analysis of data obtained from field work including the review of analytical results, preparation of reports and remedial work plans;
  • design, supervision and coordination of the installation and operation of various environmental site remediation systems;
  • site and remediation system monitoring including: collection of field data (hydrocarbon vapour levels, dissolved oxygen readings, temperature and product levels), collection of groundwater samples and analysis of system performance;
  • preparation of reports on system design and performance; and
  • completion of Environmental Closure Reports as per applicable regulations.

Tasks undertaken for aquifer supply studies include:

  • project management and senior review;
  • preliminary work including site access development, site mapping and survey and topographic layout;
  • supervision of drilling programs for new production wells including logging of the wells and performing air lift yields;
  • performance of step drawdown tests, constant rate pumping tests and geophysical logging of new production wells;
  • analysis of aquifer test data and report preparation; and
  • aquifer protection plans including well head and source water protection.

Tasks undertaken for soil/sediment (freshwater and marine) sampling/assessment programs include:

  • project management and senior review;
  • supervision of field programs for collection of soils or sediments (i.e., including contracting of divers);
  • selection of laboratory testing program; and
  • preparation of reports including the determination of disposal options.

Tasks undertaken for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) include the following components:

  • project description;
  • construction and operation phase;
  • description of the environment including biological, physical and human environment;
  • issues of public concern such as traffic and entranceway;
  • approvals required for the development;
  • potential impacts to the environment ( including but not limited to, air quality, wastewater management, groundwater, surface water, stormwater, noise, flora and fauna, etc.); and
  • mitigation to any impacts.

Tasks undertaken for Hazardous Materials Assessments (Hazmats) include:

  • project management and senior review;
  • review of available building information;
  • supervision of field programs including sampling of potential hazardous building materials;
  • quantification of hazardous building materials; and
  • preparation of reports including recommendation for handling and removal of hazardous building materials.

Tasks undertaken for Air Quality Assessment Services include:

  • installation of various indoor air testing equipment for a variety of parameters including mold and fungal analyses (RCSs), total and respirable particulates, volatile organics, egosterols, endotoxins, etc., along with general indoor air quality parameters such as temperature, CO2 and relative humidity;
  • installation of outdoor air sampling equipment (Hi Volume Sampler) for suspended particulates and SO2 emissions;
  • collection of ambient air samples using hand held vacuum pump; and
  • data collection (downloading data loggers) and report preparation.

Employment History

  • Joose Environmental Consulting Inc.: Current (President and Principal Environmental Engineer)
  • Stantec Consulting Ltd.: 2009 to April 2012 (Office Leader and Team Lead Environmental Projects on PEI)
  • Jacques Whitford Ltd: 1990 to 2009 (Area Manager and Environmental Services Division Lead: 2003 – 2009)


  • Water Resource Engineering, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, 1990
  • Diploma in Engineering, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, 1985-1988

Professional Associations

  • Member – Engineers PEI (APEPEI): President – 2003, Vice President -2002, Councillor 2000-2002
  • Fellowship Engineers of Canada (FEC)
  • Member – Consulting Engineers of Prince Edward Island (Treasurer)
  • Member – Maritimes Environmental Services Association (Director)
  • Member – National Groundwater Association (since 1993)
  • Certified Environmental Site Assessors (CESA) Phase I Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada (since 1998).
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