Creating environmental solutions through quality and commitment

Owned and operated on Prince Edward Island

Environmental engineering solutions for Prince Edward Island

Joose Environmental Consulting Inc. is a PEI owned and operated company providing environmental engineering solutions to Islanders, with some of our services including:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Phase II and III ESAs
  • Phase IV ESAs – Environmental Remediation including the Risk Assessment and the development of Remedial Action Plans (RAP) and Risk Management Plans (RMPs)
  • Surface water monitoring programs (stream assessments)
  • Soil and sediment (marine and freshwater) sampling and assessment programs
  • Municipal and Commercial Wellfield Developments
  • Aquifer Supply Studies (Hydrogeological Assessments including groundwater monitoring)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Hazardous Material Assessments
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Geotechnical Projects

The company was founded in April 2012, by Mr. Peter H. Joostema, FEC, P.Eng., CESA, who is the President and Principal Environmental Engineer for the firm. Mr. Joostema has over 27 years of experience in environmental engineering and hydrogeology, having previously, held senior positions with Stantec Consulting Ltd. (formerly Jacques Whitford) on Prince Edward Island.

Mr. Joostema has undertaken environmental and hydrogeological investigations, including specialized field and laboratory testing, for a variety of small to large scale projects throughout Atlantic Canada. Mr. Joostema has been the project lead with various environmental engineering jobs on PEI, and has accumulated extensive experience in each discipline listed above.

Currently Joose Environmental has a staff of four (4) people including a senior environmental consultant, a senior geotechnical engineer and associated support staff. The key to the success of Joose Environmental projects is the company’s ability to assemble the best-qualified professionals to undertake the work.

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